Georgia Collie Rescue

Since 2005 the Humane League of Lake Lanier has rescued and rehomed dozens of purebred and mixed Collies. For many years we partnered closely with St Francis Collie Rescue.  Now that the great folks at that rescue have retired, the Humane League of Lake Lanier is one of the only collie rescues in Georgia.

Many people are shocked when they see beautiful purebred collies in rescue shelters. Unfortunately being a purebred dog, even registered with papers, is no guarantee that an animal won’t end up abandoned or surrendered to animal control. About 25% of all the pets brought into animal control or county-run animal shelters are purebred.

Collies and Heartworms

purebred rescue collies

Purebred collies in every color can be found in rescue. At the time this photo was taken, we had 8 purebred collies in our program, with 3 undergoing heartworm treatment.

Heartworms are a deadly problem for dogs, particularly in the Southern United States where they are transmitted by mosquitoes. While all dogs can get heartworms, collies are more susceptible to the parasite and, due to a recessive gene mutation, a large percentage of collies are also allergic to some of the most common medications used to prevent heartworms.

Being heartworm positive is an automatic death sentence at county-run facilities due to the expense and time required to treat a rescue pet for the disease. This is why it is so critical to have collie rescue groups who can take in heartworm-positive collies and care for them throughout the long treatment process.

Many of the collies accepted into the Humane League of Lake Lanier rescue program are heartworm positive collies turned over to animal control shelters in the Atlanta or North Georgia area.

Collie Rescue in Georgia

The Humane League of Lake Lanier is a mixed breed rescue, but we have always been involved in collie rescue and will continue to provide a much needed safe haven for this beautiful breed of dog.  With the continued support of our community we will take in collies, healthy or heartworm positive, and provide the care they need until they find forever homes.

If you are looking for a rescue collie please view our available pets. If we do not have any collies at the moment, check back soon or contact us. Please also consider making a donation to help us pay for the care a heartworm positive dog needs during their long road to recovery. Thank you for your support!