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Adoption Event Sunday May 22nd

We are planning on doing an adoption day at the Cumming Petsmart on Sunday 5/22 from 12:30 to 3:30.  Come out and meet some of our adorable pets who are looking for their forever families!

Adoption Event Saturday April 23rd

We will be having an adoption event next Saturday, April 23rd, at the PetSmart in Cumming.  We will be setting up at 12:30pm and plan to be there until 3:30.  Come meet some of our great dogs and cats, including Pongo!



We adopted Prince from y’all just over 10 years ago. It doesn’t look like it from this photo, but he is still going strong!



ziggyThought you might like to see a current pic of our precious Ziggy (formerly Bungee). He is the love of our lives….thank you so much for saving him for us.

I am so grateful that someone at the Humane League of Lake Lanier spotted him, and his “failure to thrive” at the dog pound. He was withering away, missing his family. He has been thriving just beautifully for several years now with sister (Boston mix rescue Itsy) and his cousin (kitty cat rescue Oliver). Thank you to the Humane League of Lake Lanier. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

The Draut family


Valentine Adoption Event Sunday 2/14

Valentine Adoption Event Sunday 2/14

Join us this Valentine’s Day for an adoption at the PetSmart in Cumming, GA from 12:30 to 3:30pm.

Mickey McDougal will be attending so please stop by and meet our 3-legged wonder dog!



Update from Leigha

Hi Beth,
I saw the new website and want to share a happy tail about Leigha. She’s been with us for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier. She has been a perfect addition to our home. She’s such a wonderful pet, she’s quiet and calm and really funny. She loves her nightly walk and mostly sleeping on the couch all day. Although Leigha is almost 9 she shows no signs of slowing down and we’re all very excited to celibate her ninth birthday.

Leigha enjoys being the only dog and sneaking into bed with Mark and I in the middle of the night. She’s become very spoiled.

Hope all is well.
Sara, Mark, and Leigha Abel

P.s. Leigha is wearing socks because we were visiting family who do not have a dog friendly house. But Leigha was a model citizen.

leigha2 leigha1

Adoption Event Sunday January 24th

We will be having an adoption event this Sunday, January 24th, at the PetSmart in Cumming.  We will be setting up at 12:30pm and plan to be there until 3:30.  Come meet some of our great dogs and cats!

Bouie McBeagle

bouie2015Bouie has found his forever home! He patiently waited for a long time, but it paid off for him. He has a beagle sister named Becki and they seem to be fast friends. He has a new doggie bed and sleeps in the bedroom with his new family.

Congrats Bouie!

Adoption Event Sunday August 16th

Sunday August 16th we will be at the Petsmart in Cumming from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

Come out and meet some of our adorable rescue pets looking for their forever families. While the Humane League focuses our efforts on dog rescue, we currently have some feline friends as well. Come meet Miss Hiss, Foxtrot, Oscar and Tango!


Can I rename my rescue pet?

When adopting an adult animal many people worry that changing their pet’s name may be confusing or make it difficult for their pet to adapt.

Don’t worry!  Picking a name is a fun and important part of bonding with your new pet. Keep in mind that the current name may be fairly recent and, even if it’s not, that name may be associated with inconsistent training or expectations.  A new name is a clean slate for you and your pet. Once you decide on a name, your pet will quickly learn that word means treats, attention, and love.

Here are a few tips:

Take your time.  After bringing your new pet home it may take several weeks of adjustment before your pet’s personality shines.  Take that time to get to know your pet and don’t feel that you have to pick a name immediately.  Waiting several weeks to find the right name is just fine.

Easy to pronounce.  A long name may be more difficult for your pet to pick out of what you are saying.  Names ending in an E sound (like Cookie, Maggie, Rocky, etc) are very popular because they are easy to say and easy for dogs to recognize.  Imagine yourself yelling the new name at a dog park to make sure it’s understandable (and something you’re willing to yell in public).  Also keep in mind that a long name will inevitably get shortened to a nickname, so make sure you’re okay with a shortened version.

Not too similar to commands.  Try to avoid any names that are similar to command words you will be using to avoid confusion.  For example, the name ‘Beau’ sounds very similar to ‘No’ and could send mixed signals to your pet.

Abbey, formerly known as Zurrey

Abbey, formerly known as Zurrey


Waldo’s new family sent us these wonderful photos of his recent graduation from the PetSmart beginner’s class last Wednesday.

“We thought you might like to see a couple pics of the star of his class! He is very smart and learned every new task very quickly! We are proud parents!”

Waldo-graduateWaldo - Beginner Class 8-22-2013

Waldo’s new family also had a DNA test done to learn more about his parentage.  Waldo is Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and one great grandparent was a Staffordshire Terrier.

Congratulations Waldo on finding your forever home!

Look at Bowser (Brizzie) now

Hi Beth-

This past week one of your reps called to follow up on our adoption late last December of Brizzie, whom we call Bowser now. I wanted to show you photos of when we got him and photos taken today. He was born 10/20/08. We couldn’t be happier with Bowser, he is such a wonderful dog, and along with our other 2 labs and 2 cats, we have fallen in love with him and we are so thankful you allowed us to adopt him. He brings us such joy and love and affection. He’s passed two levels of puppy class with flying colors. Even though we think he’s part chocolate lab and part Australian Shepherd, most people tell us he must have some Doberman in him with his long snout. I knew that having 3 dogs would be a challenge, but it’s been smooth (except for that darn house breaking). I hope the other owners of his litter mates are just as happy with their dogs as we are with Bowser.

Stacy Miller

DSC00292 DSC00294


tasha.-133-year-old-dog.jpgTasha is a 19 year old dog that showed up at a volunteer’s home on the eve of an ice storm. She would not have lived through the night. Her owner was found and we learned what an amazing life she had led. Born in California, she’s been the family dog for 4 kids, been a mother herself and had even fended off coyotes in her backyard. At 133 (in dog years), she still has a spring in her step and a love to play.

Tasha’s family has fallen on hard times and was unable to care for her. The Humane League took her in with the thought “OK….now what?” With the help of the Forsyth County News and CBS Atlanta (and we suspect some Divine Intervention) Tasha’s story got out. Within a week she found a new home with a wonderful woman in Cumming and her two elder male Bassets.

Tasha’s new mom reports that she is doing very well. She has put on weight, her coat is looking better and she sleeps deeply each night with her new family She also has set the two boys straight on how to behave around a lady.

A special thanks to everyone who rallied for our little senior citizen. Especially Frank Redy at the Forsyth County News, Dana McIntyre & Phil Cantor at CBS Atlanta, and our own Rich Bolton. They made a big difference for a little dog.




Hi Beth,

Just thought I would give you a quick “update” on Zurey—or now known as Abbey. She is doing great and hasn’t seem to have any adjustment problems so far. She acts more like a little puppy—constantly wanting to play—full of energy!

I am attaching a couple of pics I took yesterday and today. We do love our new family member, and she seems to like us ok too!

Matthew and Katie



ries-rooAngie and I wanted to send you some photos of Ries and Roo. They’re basically partners in crime now, and they love playing/antagonizing each other…endlessly.



Hello Beth & New Friends at the League

zoe_boxer_fam250I had a great Christmas! I went to Buford to visit Grandma & Grandpa, I went to Canton to meet my Aunt Amy and her family, and this weekend, I went to Blue Ridge to meet My cousins. They all loved me and even let me stay inside and walk around their houses. This was a big deal for Grandma & Grandpa to have me in their house! They never let mom & Aunt Amy have any pets in the house when they were younger. I gave Grandma big kiss, and she said It wasn’t that bad! Mom said that was a big deal, and she was very proud of my behaviour at their house.

zoe_boxer250I love to take naps on my new sofa! Mom gave me her favorite afgan to share with her. She doesn’t like it when I chew on it, so I have to be careful and only chew it when she is not looking. They tell me that once I am potty trained that I will be able to sleep with them sometimes. So, I am trying very hard to let them know when I need to go outside. Since I moved in, I have had 4 whole days that I did not go in the house. Yesterday it was raining and I just could not wait for mom to get her coat out of the closet,so I tee-teed on the holiday rug at the bottom of the stairs. Mom was very understanding and did not even get mad at me. She took me to the Garage and told me that I could use the bathroom in the Garage when it rains since I don’t like to go outside when it rains. Dad holds the umbrella over me, but it is just too cold, and wet, so now I can go in the Garage any where I want! My mom & dad are so kool!

I am teething and starting to chew on things. Mom & Dad bought me some really great toys for teething, and mom rubs my gums in the back to make me feel better. I have my own toy box, and my very own play pen. I can almost jump out of it already, but it is a good place for me to stay if mom & dad need to go out of the house for a while or they want me to be outside with them. I got to help with the yard work last weekend and sat outside and watched dad rake the yard and mom plant some mums in the back yard. I love my new clothes. when I go places with mom, everyone always tells me that I am so beautiful. It makes me feel really special that everyone loves me so much.

zoe_boxer_pup250Thank you for introducing me to my new parents! I love them so much and really know that they love me. I hope to see my pictures on the website so hopefully it will encourage other people to adopt my sisters and brother. I am looking everyday for a nice family for them. Maybe mom & dad will consider fostering for a while. I hope so! I miss my siblings! I will send more pictures in a few days. Mom & Dad take pictures of me everyday, so the next time they load them onto the computer, I will send you some more.

Again, thank you for loving me and helping me meet my parents!





Hi Pat,
I wanted to send you pictures of Maddie at 1 year. You know, we recently celebrated her birthday on February 15 – how time flies! She was adorable as a puppy but has grown into a beautiful dog. At her checkup, she weighed 76 pounds! There’s not a single time that someone doesn’t stop me when I’m out with her and go on an on about how beautiful she is. She’s very well behaved, although still considered a young dog. Still gets excited with visitors, but is good about going to her “rug” when told. She is extremely gentle with the boys and very loving.

Thanks again for choosing us. I tell Maddie all the time, We both hit the jackpot, girl!






I am glad that you found out more information about Eagle Ranch. If you ever have any questions about it or would like to know even more please let me know. FYI she is doing great not pottying in the house. We take her out as much as possible so she has the opportunity to potty outside and play which works great.

Matthew and Katie


Tyger, the brindle boxer, is pictured here with his new buddy Kolsch.ty1

Ty was one of the purebred boxer puppies that came to us in spring of 2008. His litter had to be bottle fed because they were so small at that time. One of our other foster dogs, Mrs. Muffin, stepped in as surrogate mom and helped raise the puppies as if they were her own.


Miss Muffin says Goodbye

byemuffinBy now, most of you know the story of Miss Muffin and the litter of Boxer puppies she saved with her nurturing, motherly love. She is a very special girl that won the hearts of all the volunteers in the program.

On the day Miss Muffin was adopted into her new family, she could not leave without checking on her foster Boxer puppy one last time. It was very hard to keep a dry eye as we watched her stand on her back legs to reach up and give Tyger a kiss. She was a true blessing to those pups and it was very hard to say Good-Bye.