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We love to stay in touch with our furry friends! If you have adopted one of our pets please share your photos and stories. Your pet’s story may be the inspiration that leads someone to rescue their next family member.

Yay! I have been adopted!

Yay! I have been adopted!

Do you know what it really means to give a rescue pet a second opportunity at a happy healthy life?

In case you don’t know me; My name is Fletcher. I am a big, beautiful boy, at least that is what they tell me. I somehow ended up at an animal control shelter and made friends with all the people there. It was easy. They were so friendly, I could not help but be super sweet in return. When my time was up (I still don’t know what that means), the shelter people sent me to live with a foster family of the Humane League of Lake Lanier.

In my foster home, I showed people my secret weapon. I can CLAP!! When they tell me to Cheer, I jump up on my back legs and clap my paws together. I used this secret weapon to win over a real family that decided to Adopt me as a true member of their family.

Now, I have someone who understands that I may take time to adjust. After all, it is a completely new family, home, yard and schedule that I have to learn. Imagine what you felt like your first day at a new job. Now imagine that you have to learn what your responsibilities are at your new job, but you don’t speak the same language as your boss or co-workers. That is about how I felt with so many sights and smells to get used to.

Being adopted means I have someone that will give me structure and nurturing. Someone that is willing to take on a 10-15 year commitment. Someone that is willing to keep me healthy. Someone that would be willing to get me a little professional training if I fail to tell them what I need.

So, what does this mean to you? I will love you unconditionally. I will always wag my tail when you come home. I will greet each day with you happy. I will be devoted and loyal. I will sleep beside you and protect you. I might, from time to time, forget myself and eat your slipper. But I will always love you.

So, we should all clap and cheer since you decided to adopt me!

A Poem for Boomer (aka Uncle Sam)

A Poem for Boomer (aka Uncle Sam)

by David Howton, Acworth, GA

At the Fulton County Animal Services shelter each dog shares a run with three other dogs.
My sister and I walk down the aisles and the caged dogs look at us with their liquid, pleading eyes, begging to be allowed out of their cages, away from the barking and the awful smell of fear.

“Just one minute,” they seem to say, “give me one minute out of here.”

One little brown terrier is curled in a tight ball in the corner. His cell mates jump and bark. He coughs miserably.

His eyes go from me to the door at the end of the aisle, where there is sunlight and fresh air…and quiet.

The card on his door says his name is Uncle Sam.

It is an old name for a young dog, even a sick young dog.

I put out my hand and he struggles to his feet.

His tail waves like the flag on a beautiful fall day.

He is ready to go with me, no matter what, no matter where.

For him, freedom is a boy and a few steps down a hallway, but it might as well be Air Force One and a million miles away.

Thanks to a David Howton, Boomer was released to rescue from the shelter where he was taken to a foster home, regained his health, and loved until he was adopted to a wonderful family in Cumming Georgia

The Testimony of a Dog Named Boudreaux

The Testimony of a Dog Named Boudreaux

A Katrina victim was my unwanted destiny

Then “Georgia on My Mind” became the best home for me.

Sadly I had to leave my foster mom

She took me to my new home and we both cried when she left.

I ran around frantically when she wasn’t to be found

But my new mom, Susan, took time to calm me down.

I have a new family, Greta, Bob and Fred

And I sleep on a new Petsmart, soft, warm, bed.

I have taught my new family I can handle daily chores

Mom says my new name should be “Curious George”.

I’ve shown everyone I know what to do

I empty the trash, choose food from the fridge

And when I am too helpful, everyone hollers, “Bou”!!!

I love to read magazines and tear them to shreds

Mom looks at the pictures without any heads!!

I have met some of the human neighbors

And the next door dog named Max.

I feel more secure, now, and

I feel more relaxed!!

It’s been two days and no “accidents” have I had

I only had three and I felt really bad!!!

Mom calls me her new physical trainer

We power walk together and that’s a “no brainer”.

I toss my toys high in the air when I play

And eat a good supper at the end of the day.

I feel so at home when the day is complete

I curl up by the fire and my eyes close with sleep.

I thank Pet Rescue and God up above

For bringing me to a home full of love!!!

Licks and Love, Boudreaux