Our Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I come meet your pets?

The Humane League of Lake Lanier is made up of a network of foster homes.  Our pets are housed with a foster family from the time they come into our rescue until they find their forever homes. You can meet our pets at adoption events that are held in Cumming, GA.  Please check out our News & Events listings for any upcoming adoption events.  Not all available dogs may be at every event so if there is a particular dog you want to meet please get in touch prior to the event.

Where do your pets come from?

Our adoptable pets typically come from animal control facilities where they are out of space and out of time.  These facilities will often reach out to local rescue groups when they have urgent situations.  Most of the dogs we take in from animal control are from the North Georgia area.

The Humane League is also one of the only Collie rescue groups in Georgia.  We take in collies from around the state, many of whom are heartworm positive.  Learn more about collie rescue.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Our adoption fees range from $200 – $300 and cover direct and indirect expenses incurred while the pet is in the rescue program. Our adoption fees cover the cost of Veterinary Health Checks, Spaying/Neutering, deworming, Heartworm Tests and preventative up to the time of adoption, Flea/Tick Preventative up to the time of adoption, as well as Rabies and general Vaccinations current up to the time of adoption.  Adoption fees also contribute to an emergency fund that is used for special circumstances like surgeries.

How can I get involved?

You can help our organization by donating time, money, and supplies.

  • Foster a dog. All of our pets live with foster families until they are adopted. Fostering is a very rewarding experience but it is also very difficult to say goodbye once you have opened your home and your heart to an animal. This is a 24/7 commitment. Click here to learn more about fostering.
  • Volunteer at our adoption events. Our adoptions are typically held in Cumming, GA on Sunday afternoons. At the events you can help us by setting up crates at the beginning of the event, walking and watering the dogs, and then breaking down at the end.  This is an infrequent volunteer opportunity; if you are looking for regular volunteer options at a shelter facility, contact your local Humane Society or animal control facility.  If you do wish to volunteer at one of our events please contact us.
  • Donate money or supplies. As a 501(c)3 organization, your donations are tax deductible.  Monetary donations can be made online or at our adoption events and go directly to the care of the animals.  If there are any specific supplies needed we will post a request on facebook.
  • Create your own job. Many of us have special talents. Many of us do not have all of the abilities that others may. If you are not free on weekends, have a bad back and cannot help with hauling crates around, or go into an asthmatic fit whenever you are around animals, but you still want to help… Well, here are a few ideas to get your mental juices flowing and your volunteerism boosted!
    • Volunteer to bathe dogs so they are nice and clean at adoption events
    • Are you a businessperson in the area? Help attract other business to sponsor pets or events
    • Help write Grant proposals to sponsor events and community outreach projects

    If you would like to volunteer get in touch!


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