Look at Bowser (Brizzie) now

Hi Beth-

This past week one of your reps called to follow up on our adoption late last December of Brizzie, whom we call Bowser now. I wanted to show you photos of when we got him and photos taken today. He was born 10/20/08. We couldn’t be happier with Bowser, he is such a wonderful dog, and along with our other 2 labs and 2 cats, we have fallen in love with him and we are so thankful you allowed us to adopt him. He brings us such joy and love and affection. He’s passed two levels of puppy class with flying colors. Even though we think he’s part chocolate lab and part Australian Shepherd, most people tell us he must have some Doberman in him with his long snout. I knew that having 3 dogs would be a challenge, but it’s been smooth (except for that darn house breaking). I hope the other owners of his litter mates are just as happy with their dogs as we are with Bowser.

Stacy Miller

DSC00292 DSC00294

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