tasha.-133-year-old-dog.jpgTasha is a 19 year old dog that showed up at a volunteer’s home on the eve of an ice storm. She would not have lived through the night. Her owner was found and we learned what an amazing life she had led. Born in California, she’s been the family dog for 4 kids, been a mother herself and had even fended off coyotes in her backyard. At 133 (in dog years), she still has a spring in her step and a love to play.

Tasha’s family has fallen on hard times and was unable to care for her. The Humane League took her in with the thought “OK….now what?” With the help of the Forsyth County News and CBS Atlanta (and we suspect some Divine Intervention) Tasha’s story got out. Within a week she found a new home with a wonderful woman in Cumming and her two elder male Bassets.

Tasha’s new mom reports that she is doing very well. She has put on weight, her coat is looking better and she sleeps deeply each night with her new family She also has set the two boys straight on how to behave around a lady.

A special thanks to everyone who rallied for our little senior citizen. Especially Frank Redy at the Forsyth County News, Dana McIntyre & Phil Cantor at CBS Atlanta, and our own Rich Bolton. They made a big difference for a little dog.


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