Hello Beth & New Friends at the League

zoe_boxer_fam250I had a great Christmas! I went to Buford to visit Grandma & Grandpa, I went to Canton to meet my Aunt Amy and her family, and this weekend, I went to Blue Ridge to meet My cousins. They all loved me and even let me stay inside and walk around their houses. This was a big deal for Grandma & Grandpa to have me in their house! They never let mom & Aunt Amy have any pets in the house when they were younger. I gave Grandma big kiss, and she said It wasn’t that bad! Mom said that was a big deal, and she was very proud of my behaviour at their house.

zoe_boxer250I love to take naps on my new sofa! Mom gave me her favorite afgan to share with her. She doesn’t like it when I chew on it, so I have to be careful and only chew it when she is not looking. They tell me that once I am potty trained that I will be able to sleep with them sometimes. So, I am trying very hard to let them know when I need to go outside. Since I moved in, I have had 4 whole days that I did not go in the house. Yesterday it was raining and I just could not wait for mom to get her coat out of the closet,so I tee-teed on the holiday rug at the bottom of the stairs. Mom was very understanding and did not even get mad at me. She took me to the Garage and told me that I could use the bathroom in the Garage when it rains since I don’t like to go outside when it rains. Dad holds the umbrella over me, but it is just too cold, and wet, so now I can go in the Garage any where I want! My mom & dad are so kool!

I am teething and starting to chew on things. Mom & Dad bought me some really great toys for teething, and mom rubs my gums in the back to make me feel better. I have my own toy box, and my very own play pen. I can almost jump out of it already, but it is a good place for me to stay if mom & dad need to go out of the house for a while or they want me to be outside with them. I got to help with the yard work last weekend and sat outside and watched dad rake the yard and mom plant some mums in the back yard. I love my new clothes. when I go places with mom, everyone always tells me that I am so beautiful. It makes me feel really special that everyone loves me so much.

zoe_boxer_pup250Thank you for introducing me to my new parents! I love them so much and really know that they love me. I hope to see my pictures on the website so hopefully it will encourage other people to adopt my sisters and brother. I am looking everyday for a nice family for them. Maybe mom & dad will consider fostering for a while. I hope so! I miss my siblings! I will send more pictures in a few days. Mom & Dad take pictures of me everyday, so the next time they load them onto the computer, I will send you some more.

Again, thank you for loving me and helping me meet my parents!



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