7 Silly Reasons not to Spay or Neuter your Pet

We’ve all heard them. The crazy reasons why people will not act responsibly and have their pet spayed or neutered. The best way to educate these folks is to have them tour their local shelter. Since you probably are not going to be able to get them to do that, following is an answer to the 7 most popular silly reasons not to have your pet sterilized.

1. It’s better to let a female have one litter before spaying

FALSE: The best time to spay a female is before her first heat. This reduces her risk to a host of future problems including uterine infections and breast cancer. Plus it has the added benefit of not attracting males to your property which can be a hazard for children.

2. I want my children to experience the miracle of birth

Visit your local animal shelter and you will soon learn that your education technique results in thousands of animals euthanized each year. Instead, teach your children about humane treatment and responsible pet ownership.

3. You don’t need to sterilize the males, only the females

FALSE: It takes two to tango. Granted, for animal welfare specialist, when limited funds are available it is best spent on females. But for the average pet owner neutering has advantages. A neutered male is healthier, less likely to roam and less aggressive.

4. My pet is a purebred

So what? Over 25% of animals going into shelters are purebreds. There are just too many pets and over half the pets entering shelters are euthanized. Breeding is best left to the professionals who protect and promote the breed. Breeding for profit is immoral and if unlicensed, it’s illegal.

5. Spayed / Neutered pets are fat and lazy

FALSE: Most weight gain in pets is caused by too much food and not enough exercise. If your pet is too heavy, talk to your Vet about a balanced diet and exercise program. (It’s probably best not to mention the owner’s weight gain at this point)

6. I can find good homes for all my puppies/kittens

FALSE: You may be able to get them out of your house, but the odds are that some of them or their offspring will end up being euthanized in a shelter. Even rescues like the Humane League, with experience in screening and placing animals, know that we can’t guarantee what happens after the pet leaves our care. At least when they leave us, we give them a better than average chance by ensuring they are vaccinated, micro-chipped and sterilized.

7. Spaying and neutering is expensive

FALSE: For most pets, sterilization can be done for under $100. For families in distress, programs exist to help bring the costs even lower. For information on low cost spay / neuters in the area, please Click here to contact us.

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