Fostering a Rescue Dog

Temporary homes are needed for rescued dogs until permanent homes are found. Temporary homes are called foster homes. When foster homes are available, another dog’s life can be saved. The foster home learns more about a dog’s habits, likes and dislikes, and behaviors when he is in a foster home. Foster care providers evaluate the dogs in every day living situations. And, some foster caregivers may even work on obedience training, house-training, and behavior modification.

All dogs from the Humane League of Lake Lanier (HLLL) are in foster care, and we pay all medical expenses and even provide food. The foster home provides love and a safe environment. Foster homes are screened just like potential permanent homes. Sometimes, foster homes end up adopting a dog they foster.

Fostering dogs is a very rewarding experience. Rescue dogs blossom in foster care and go on to become cherished family companions once placed in their permanent homes. Foster homes are in short supply. Please consider fostering one of our homeless pets. Contact us if you are interested in fostering.

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