Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

The Humane League of Lake Lanier would like to make sure all the members of your family have a Howling good time this Halloween. Some common sense precautions can keep your furry family members safe.

1. No Candy – Be careful your furry kids do not get into the candy bowl. Chocolate in all forms can be dangerous. The artificial sweetener Xylitol, as well as raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs. Foil and cellophane candy wrappers can cause digestive problems.

2. Bring the cats and dogs in -Pets should be in a safe room. Unless your pet is Golden Retriever social, put them in a safe location in the house. Having a bunch of strangers showing up at your door and yelling “trick-or-treat!” is very scary to a pet. You don’t want them to run out the door, or worse, bite the neighbor’s little Power Ranger.

3. Be Careful with Costumes – Some pets love the attention. Others get stressed out. If your pet gets stressed, then don’t push it. Maybe a festive collar or bandanna will do. If they are game for some fun, make sure the costume does not constrict their movement or hinder their breathing. Appropriately sized store bought costumes are usually a good bet.

4. Be Careful with Displays – Jack-o-Lanterns smell like food with a dangerous surprise inside. Candles, electrical cords and other types of decorations should be kept out of reach.

5. Don’t take your pet “Trick or Treating” – Only the most social and well adjusted pets can handle the chaos. If your buddy shows any hesitation, leave them home.

6. Keep an adult in charge – If you do take your buddy don’t let the kids be in charge. Kids have other priorities and will not pay attention. Make sure the pet has the proper ID tags. Reflective collars and leashes are also available from most pet supply stores.

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