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Volunteer Information

The Humane League of Lake Lanier, Inc. is made up completely of volunteers. We welcome anyone who is willing to donate time for the betterment of animal wellbeing in North Georgia.

Here’s How YOU can Help!
Adoption Events
Adoption events are held at various locations in North Georgia. Usually, we hold adoptions at PetSmart in Cumming, GA or at PetSmart in Alpharetta, GA across from North Point Mall. About an hour before the adoptions begin, we have to set up tables and crates for the pets. During the adoptions, pets must be walked regularly, water bowls maintained, and we have to keep a general eye out for sanity and happiness among the volunteers and pups at the event. The most important job may be the Lunch Guy, who takes the volunteers’ orders and goes to get the food for everyone. After adoptions, we break down crates and tables, load up the trucks with the hardware and the animals and go home.
So we can always use help with:

-Setting up crates and tables and helping unload pets in the morning
-Walk the pets and keep water bowls full during events
-Order taking/fulfillment to keep the volunteers’ bellies full.
-Breaking down crates/tables and loading the trucks after the adoption events

Special Events
Occasionally we hold Garage sales, involve our group with fairs, like Animal Rescue Fair, or generally get our noses into whatever fun stuff is going on in the area. You can help with:
-Collecting/Transporting donations to storage facilities or to the Yard Sale events
-Set up/break down assistance at events
-Other various jobs associated with the particular event.

Special Job that You Know or Think You are Good at
Many of us have special talents. Many of us do not have all of the abilities that everyone else has. If you are not free on weekends, have a bad back and cannot help with hauling crates around, or go into an asthmatic fit whenever you are around animals, but you still want to help…?
Well, here are a few ideas to get your mental juices flowing and your volunteerism boosted!
-Help collect stories/ideas for the newsletter
-Volunteer to help organize/clean our primary housing locations
-Volunteer to bathe dogs so they are nice and clean at adoption events
-Are you a businessperson in the area? Help attract other business to sponsor pets or events
-Help write Grant proposals to sponsor events and community outreach projects

Contact Beth if you would like to Volunteer!
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