Purebred Dogs in Rescue

purebred rescue collies

Rainbow of Purebred Collies in Rescue

As you can see from this picture of pure-bred and registered rescue collies, papers do not save a dog from losing his home. Most of the collies accepted into the Humane League of Lake Lanier rescue program are heartworm positive collies turned over to animal control shelters in the Atlanta or North Georgia area. Being heartworm positive is an automatic death sentence at county-run facilities due to the expense and time required to treat a rescue pet for the disease. At the time of this post, the Humane League of Lake Lanier has 8 rescue collies in the program, 3 of these purebred collies were heartworm positive when they were accepted into the rescue program.

25% of all pets brought into animal control or county-run animal shelters are Pure-bred dogs.

This means that someone bought a pet from a breeder or pet shop for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, and a few months or years later, surrendered the dog to a shelter or abandoned the pet to fend for itself. Pets are turned over to shelters and rescue for any number of reasons, including family or financial hardships.

For every acknowledged breed of dog, there is an organization specifically in business to rescue that breed of dog. There are enough pure-bred dogs of every breed, whether it be chihuahua, Great Dane, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Collie or Shih Tzu, to warrant tens of thousands of people across the U.S.A. to volunteer their time for the sole purpose of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming these pure-bred pets. The Collie rescue group in Georgia is St. Francis Rescue, and the foster homes of St. Francis Rescue are always full of purebred collies waiting for new homes.

Mixed breed rescues, such as the Humane League of Lake Lanier, always have pure-bred dogs available for adoption. Many of these pure-bred pets rescue pets were registered with a kennel club, such as the AKC or CKC, by their previous owner. Owners went to the time and expense to register these pets and the dog ultimately ends up at risk of euthanasia at a shelter, papers in paw.

Do not think for a second that you must go to a breeder or petstore to obtain a pure-bred dog of any breed. You can find these quality, loving, healthy pets at your local rescue group or animal shelter. Every single day, pure-bred dogs are being euthanized in your local shelter due to lack of space and inadequate adoptions to meet the demand for the amount of pets they intake. Remember, a responsible breeder spays and neuters the puppies as a condition of sale, and they supply health certificates and a very active return policy for any puppy or dog they sell. Responsible breeders also do genetic and health evaluations of their breeding dogs to ensure they are upholding the integrity of the breed. If you must go to a breeder, contact your local breed kennel club for a reference to responsible breeders in your area.

If you have a favorite breed of dog, like a Collie or Golden Retriever, consider saving the life of a pure-bred dog from your local rescue. You will enrich your own life by earning the loyalty of the life you save.

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