What to do if you have found an animal

So you have Found an animal. What do you do now?

The steps for a found animal are very similar to the steps to take if your pet is lost.

  1. Contact your local shelter and ask for the protocol for your particular county as it may differ from the steps outlined here.
  2. File Found Animal Reports with your local and surrounding county animal shelters.
  3. Contact your local newspaper and ask them to run an article on your found pet.
  4. Contact your local Lost/Found Center and report that you have found the animal.
  5. Post flyers at busy intersections, gas stations, etc. The most visible items on the flyers should be “FOUND DOG/CAT” and your phone number. Avoid putting too many details of the animal on the flyer. Allow possible owners to supply details of your pet so you can confirm or negate the identity. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people out there who would try to get the animal even though it does not belong to them.
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