A good Dog only breaks your heart once, they day you lose them.

Our founder, Beth, started her career in rescue 6 years ago with a stray mother dog and her 9 one-week old puppies. Mom was named Penny, and she had both heartworms and mange. In order to treat her, she had to be separated from her puppies. Beth and her husband became the surrogate mothers. Waking every 3 hours to feed and care for the puppies, they all survived to be fat and happy and adopted into forever homes. They were known as the “Lucky Penny’s”.

One of those puppies found a special place in Beth’s heart. She was the little doll of the litter so Beth named her China. On Christmas day, Beth’s husband paid the adoption fee (only a foster home can appreciate the irony of paying for a pet that you already own), and China was officially in her forever home. China quickly became the queen of the house. She was the “Pillow Princess”, the “Little girl who couldn’t wag her tail straight”, “Pelican Puss”, “Squishy Face” and overall the one dog that could melt Beth’s heart with just the twitch of her ears, and the bat of her eyebrows. She was the first one to jump in the bed in the morning and the last one to get out of it. Not friendly to outsiders, she was devoted to her pack. Especially to the first thing she ever saw in her life, Beth.

China died suddenly on Dec. 31, 2006. She had an undiagnosed cancer of the blood that took her without prior symptoms and without warning. Within 24 hours of her first symptom, not eating breakfast, she was gone. It was a loss made both harder and easier by the speed in which it took her. In a lot of ways, the hundreds of dogs saved since that first litter owe a debt to China. She was a living, day-to-day reminder of why these animals are worth saving.

See you at the Bridge Little Girl.

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