Most days, as rescuers we take a lot in stride; accepting the unacceptable. Dealing with the unwanted waste in pets cast off from our society. Some days it is just too hard.
Today Nina died.

Nina served man as a pure bred Boxer. Used as a breeding tool, she was exploited, neglected, abused. If that injustice wasn’t enough, she was then dumped at a high-kill shelter where she should have met death at the hands of strangers. But, she was given a chance. She was sent to rescue, where we all believed such a great girl deserved her chance. She was given love and care by her foster mom and the veterinarian. She was fed, loved and knew a little bit of life without all the hardship. While she had a heart of gold and gave back all the love she got in foster care, it just could not get past the heartworms. She died today during treatment.

Her life is a tribute to all the shelter workers that wanted her not to die at their hands, to all the foster Moms and Dads that deal with deserving pets and to all the veterinarians that support the cause of homeless pets.
To Nina. You are in a better place.


If you have a dog, and the dog is not on heartworm preventative, your dog will most likely contract heartworms. This is a sad fact in the Southern states where mosquitos are not necessarily a seasonal pest.

Left untreated, heartworms will kill your dog. Unfortunately, a small percentage of heartworm infected dogs will die during the treatment to clear their hearts of the parasite. Do not let your dog become a statistic. Keep your dog on heartworm preventative and have periodic heartworm tests as recommended by your veterinarian.

Remember, the worms may be in the heart of your pet, but it is your heart that will break if you lose him to such a preventable disease.

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