2009, Our Year in Review

2009 saw Fannie (Mattie) adopted by the Dickson Family, bringing their total family members adopted from the Humane League to three, Fannie, Jackson and Ernie

2009 was a year we will not soon forget, but many would like to. It was a tough year for all charities, and the Humane League was no different. The number of pets coming in to the animal shelters was the highest any of us can remember, while adoptions were at their lowest. Funding for everyone was tight. We ran into some unusually high Vet bills with almost every Collie infected with heartworms and several cases of what we believe to be the new Canine Influenza virus. (We’ve now started vaccinating for this new bug).

But the year was not all bad. The Humane League worked in support of 16 local animal control shelters. Some wonderful dogs were adopted; Ralphie, Ferdinand, Quincy and Pluto (twice) just to name a few. Our volunteer hours were up. We picked up some wonderful new foster homes and volunteers. And we’ve made a lot of new friends.

Locally, 2009 saw permanently chaining of dogs outlawed in Forsyth County, joining Gwinnett, Cherokee, Fulton and the City of Gainesville as well as many other municipalities. Hall County opened a new animal shelter, and Forsyth County has started the process to build their new shelter in 2010. All good news for pets.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Humane League in 2009, and let’s hope and pray that our Country, our neighbors, ourselves and the animals have a better 2010.

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