Pluto came to the Humane League as a great little puppy back in 2007. He found a wonderful home as the best friend of Tim R. And best friend he has been. Trained well and spoiled rotten, Pluto and his master were inseparable. Always ready for fun, he loved playing with the grandchildren when they visited. And Tim’s love for Pluto is obvious in the care he gave him.

Sadly, Tim R. passed away from cancer in July. His family told us that he requested Pluto come back to the Humane League for care and re-homing. We hope knowing his best friend would be taken care of was a comfort to Tim at the end.

Pluto is a great dog. A little lost at first he has settled in to his foster home. Cute in a floppy eared hound way. Well trained and excellent with kids, Pluto is looking for his new home. If interested, please go to the contact section and request an application.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tim’s family. We like to think that Tim and Pluto will one day meet again at the rainbow bridge.

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