Have a Pet Safe Independence Day

What is the busiest day of the year for an animal rescuer?

The 5th of July.

Every year we celebrate the birth of our nation with parades, backyard barbecues and fireworks. And every year the next day is spent searching for lost and scared pets.

It is tempting to want to share the fun with your best friends, but they don’t view it the same way. Crowds and noise create anxiety and fear. Social gatherings create opportunities for doors and gates to be left open. And while fireworks are exciting to people, to pets they seem like the end of the world has come.

Give your pets a safe place this July 4th. If they are outside pets, bring them in for the night. Make them a bed in the garage or basement. If entertaining, keep them in an unused bedroom where they will feel safe, (take note, pets can get destructive when stressed). If they are not used to crowds, don’t take them to the parade.


If your pet does run away, put up signs, lots of them. Dogs can run for miles when scared. Once they settle down they will circle the area they stop in. If your pet is spotted, blanket the area with signs. Your odds increase with each effort you make.
If you know your pet is stressed by loud noises like thunder, talk to your Vet before the holiday. And please make sure your pet always wears an identification tag.

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