Miss Hiss

Calico - Domestic Medium Hair - Adult - Female
Adopted Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Miss Hiss is so named as she came to us as a semi-feral. At first she would hiss, but would purr, purr, purr, once you picked her up and started petting her.

This was a little kitty that had been living behind a shopping center. The delivery drivers for the Domino’s had been feeding her and at that point she must have been thinking ok, maybe humans are not so bad.. But they could not touch her. They finally trapped her and wa-la here she is. She has grown so much from the underweight kitty she was, 3lbs at 7 mos. She is now a little over a year and has really blossomed into a gorgeous cat. She loves to petted and will roll on her back and rub her face on the ground. She is still apprehensive about being approached and you will need to win her trust, but given a little more time and love and patience you will win her heart. She really wants to be with people.

If you have a quiet household, or some knowledge of cats, she will do fine. Also, a little canned food goes a long way with this girl.